Gabion Basket (black PVC coated)

Welded gabion box is made of welded wire mesh panels assembled with spirals locking pins and stiffener.The philosophy of the Welded gabion  is similar to woven gabions.Weld gabion units consist of panels of welded wire mesh,secured together to form a gabion unit, which is filled on site with gabion stone to form the appropriate structure.

Product Details


Landscaping features

Retaining wall structures

Architectural cladding for walls and buildings

Freestanding walls, noise and environmental barriers

River and canal training

Gabion Basket (black PVC coated)

•Material: •galvanized wire ,Galfan wire , PVC Coated

•Wire diameter3.0-6.0mm

•Mesh Opening: • 50mm*50mm,  75mm*75mm, 100mm*, 100mm*50mm

•Strength tensile:380-550mpa • •Elongation:≥12%(ASTM or BS443/EN10244-2), • •Binding wire : usually 8% of total weight of gabion mesh. • •Zinc coating:3mm diameter 255 g/m2, 4mm diameter = 275 g/m2 ; 5mm diameter = 280 g/m2.

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