Frame Gabion

The application of gabion is relatively mature, as a new ecological structure of new technology, new technology and new materials, the cage

with the use of creative transformation, the designer applied the stone cage to the living environment of people, making people feel that they are returning to nature. 

Whether it is in the courtyard decoration or architectural design, the quaint style makes people find a relaxed and comfortable life from the intense work life.

It fully reflects the ideal of living in a city life.

Product Details

1,the design of the framework stone cage network

In order to make the stone cage net more suitable for settlement and load performance, ensure that the stones of the stone are filled densely, avoid the deformation of the grid structure and lose the strength. Generally, enterprises or individuals are more inclined to choose the box cage network. In this way, when a large impact is encountered, the deformation of the gabion net can be avoided, so that the protective function can be effectively exerted.

2, the choice of filling materials

The inner filling of the gabion net generally selects hard stones with weather resistance as stone boxes or fillers, and different types of stone have different characteristics. The general size of the packing is 1.5 times the average mesh size, and the stone inside the stone cage net should be far from the outside. In order to make the stone cage net filling material more uniform, it is generally chosen to add by hand, so that the appearance of the stone cage net looks more beautiful and forms a dense structure. When filling, you must pay attention to the possibility of moving, reduce the gaps in the net, and make good contact between the stones. In addition, in order to improve the ecological function of the stone cage net, some soil can be added to the stone void to facilitate the growth of the plant.

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