Gabion Mattress

River mattresses are stone boxes with a special form, in large expansion and flat shape. They consist out of hexagonal, Multiple shielded steel wire , thick galvanized with a mesh size 60x80mm and  a diameter 2.2mm. The base element is a continuous metal net and a mechanically fixed partition. Throughout this a multicellular box arises. The partition strengthens the strengthens the structure and makes the assembly easier.

Product Details


1 Galvanized steel wire

1) The amount of zinc on Elc-dipped is up to 10g/m2. Poor corrosion resistance

2) High-dip galvanizing capacity 30-60g/m2, general anti-corrosion.

3) The amount of zinc on hot-dip can reach 300g/m2. Strong corrosion resistance

2 Galfan coted wire Zinc-5% aluminum-mixed rare earth alloy steel wire, zinc-10% aluminum mixed rare earth alloy steel wire. Super corrosion resistance

3 PVC coated steel wire The thickness of the plastic coated package generally covers 1.0mm thickness (note the wire diameter before and after plastic coating), strong corrosion resistance

4.Mattresses Opening Mesh: 6x8cm, 7x9cm;8x10cm;9x11cm;

Guideline: ASTM A975 EN 10223-3.


Control and guide of water or flood

Flood bank or guiding bank

Preventing of rock breaking

Water and soil protection

Bridge protection

Strengthening structure of soil

Protection engineering of seaside area

Structures made of river mattresses are economical and ecological for the following reasons:

Low maintenance;

Simple assembly and filling . no need for qualified labour.

Foundation work not necessary. Only a plane surface on a sustainable ground is needed;

River mattresses support the natural bank vegetation and integrates naturally in the surrounding landscape;

The voids between the stones provide habitats for small creatures.

Specification reference table

Mesh sizes Number of Diaphragm Approximate Dimensions and Volumestolerance scopeColour Code Wire diameter(mm)
60*8080*100Special specifications can also be customized23. ±5%Width±5%   High ±5%BlueRedYellowGreenWhiteBlackHeavily galvanized or Galfan coated wire2.00,2.20,2.40,2.70,3.00ORPVC coated on Heavily Galvanized or Galfan coated wire2.0/3.0,2.2/3.2,2.4/3.4,2.7/3.7,2.0/4.0

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