Road Mesh

Road mesh is a type of heavy duty hexagonal wire mesh, which is manufactured from steel wires. The steel wires are double twisted woven into wire mesh with a series of hexagonal meshes. Then the transverse rod is woven into every other meshes.the material of road mesh can be galvanized wire or PVC coated wire.And the galvanized wire can be galvanized before weaving or galvanized after weaving. So as the PVC coated road mesh. The galvanized or PVC coated after weaving can remain the original surface of the steel wire and supply better corrosion and rust resistance performance for the road mesh


Product Details

Road Mesh

Mesh opening:

60mm×80mm, 80mm×100mm, 100mm×120mm...

Wire diameter (heavily galvanized or Galfan coating):


Wire diameter (PVC coated on heavily galvanized or Galfan wire):


 Minimum zinc coating weight of gabion wire:

2.20mm≥230g/㎡  2.70mm≥245g/㎡

3.00mm≥255g/㎡ 3.05mm≥255g/㎡

3.40mm≥265g/㎡  3.80mm≥275g/㎡


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